Good Morning America on incision-free surgery is not incisive

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Our amazement with the amazement network TV morning programs show for any new medical technology continues. 

<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>ABC’s Good Morning America reported</a> on a new approach to weight loss surgery that is incision-less. The segment called it “remarkable” and “exciting” but then said its results weren’t as good as one current approach and no better than another.  The segment stated that the new approach had fewer complications than other procedures, but no specific information was given about its impact on body weight, health, or risk of complications, including death. Perhaps these data aren’t yet available? If so, it’s worth emphasizing that this procedure is still experimental and needs more study to know if it is safe and truly effective. It is novel to have a weight loss procedure that is incision-less, but incision-less doesn’t mean “without risk” especially in this patient population. Overall, the story suggests that this is a risk-free way to lose weight and the only down-side is the cost — clearly this is not true and is a mis-representation of the risks involved in general anesthesia for any patient with severe obesity.

An example of a story that was all hot fudge sundae and no broccoli. (See next blog entry below.)

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