Surprise! Another breakthrough wrinkle treatment on the Today Show!

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Are there any wrinkles left in the U.S. anymore after all of the wrinkle treatments hyped by the TV network morning shows?

The NBC Today Show is the latest that we reviewed on Excerpt:

This report once again puts a spotlight on a leading health scourge: wrinkles. At least, it seems that wrinkles rank above many other health issues based on how much time network morning shows devote to the subject.

This time the hook is FDA approval of broader use of an injectable product that stimulates collagen production in the face in order to smooth out wrinkles. The substance had been approved for use in people who had lost facial fat due to HIV.

The taped report and in-studio interview did include a number of strong caveats about problems experienced by some patients and the wisdom of waiting until there is broader experience with the product. However, the only dermatologist featured did work funded by the product’s manufacturer and the only patients in the piece gave glowing reviews. Viewers neither heard about special conditions the FDA placed on the manufacturer that requiring larger and longer clinical trials and adverse effect monitoring nor did they get to see or hear from anyone who needed surgical treatment to correct problems caused by the what the field reporter called “latest breakthrough that doesn’t freeze time, it helps you grow some of it back.”

If, indeed, the segment’s advice was “I think you should wait a few years if you’re nervous about it” – then one wonders why this was worth several minutes of network TV air time.

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