60 Minutes dusts off its #1 cancer story – for the third time

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CBS 60 Minutes once again devoted a big chunk of prime time last night to an unproven idea – which is fine, if you’re going to devote your show to such explorations of basic science all the time. But they don’t. And it shows.

The subject was the pie-plates-and-radiowaves cancer experiment of inventor John Kanzius – which CBS has now profiled three different times – in April 2008, in July 2008, and now on October 18, 2009.

Correspondent Lesley Stahl exhibited some of the same breathless awe that she showed in previous segments, saying at one point, “we don’t want to be in a position to hype this.”

Too late, Lesley, you already have – with three segments in 18 months for something that isn’t even in human trials.

I can only wonder what all the other cancer researchers watching think when they see such cheerleading for such little evidence.

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James Lum

March 5, 2012 at 8:41 pm

I had lung cancer. It was discovered when it was the size of a large walnut in my upper left lung and did not look like it had spread yet. I was being scheduled for the standard operation; ie., open the chest, remove a lung lobe, remove lymph nodes, and then undergo chemo for months. I asked my oncologist if there was anything else…and there was; Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA). Operation success was ~76%, RFA was ~74%, survival after 5 years. RFA was for patients that were too weak to survive an operation. I opted for RFA. Basically, the surgeon makes a 1/4 inch incision, inserts a probe into the tumor, and cooks it. The patient can go home that afternoon. Scans showed no more signs of cancer and its been 3+ years.
I have seen other cancer patients that have and are undergoing chemo and it is brutal. Chemo is basically a poison.
John Kanzius has/had the right idea. Once they find the right drug that carries the metallic particles to the tumor and wherever it has metastasized from smallest to largest size, the radio waves will kill it with heat. No more need for chemo. More than one drug company will not be happy.