Conflicting messages in MSNBC stories on donated breast milk for Haiti

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On the health page at the moment I write this (the site will probably change by the time you visit) is a good story that reports:

“…a bevy of United States breast-feeding advocates may have unleashed a well-meaning but misguided flood of mothers’ milk to the earthquake-shattered nation, one that aid workers in Haiti say was not requested — and is not needed.”

The image on the left is how this story appears at the top of the web page.

Screen shot 2010-01-29 at 9.35.49 AM.png But lower on that same page, in the “diet and nutrition news” section, is a link to a local California TV story that sings the praises of local breast milk donation efforts – as seen in the image on the right. MSNBC didn’t connect the two stories. They could have at least linked from the one story to the other for context and to point out how the story has changed.

I know this can happen on a wide-ranging news website like MSNBC. But somebody needs to keep track of what’s been posted better than this.

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