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Poll: does your doctor practice "participatory medicine"?

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35320.jpg Patient advocate Trisha Torrey writes and talks a lot about “participatory medicine.” Today she writes:

“While many of us patients truly want to participate in our own care, we’re not finding a great deal of cooperation from the others who must participate – our providers.

Some providers get it! In fact, some are very cooperative, offering knowledge, learning materials, assistance, discussion. They are the enlightened ones who realize that two heads — theirs and their patients (us!) will always be more effective than one.”

She has now posted an online poll asking readers:

Think of the specialist you see most frequently. Do you consider him/her to be participatory?

• Yes. My specialist and I decide every aspect of my care together.

• Partially. Sometimes we decide together, other times I just bow to his/her expertise.

• Barely. Once in awhile we discuss options.

• No. I can’t get this specialist to discuss options with me at all. It’s his/her way or the highway.

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