Medical device company mudslinging over sales reps' conduct, hiring

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Nerves seem to have been rubbed a bit raw at a couple of medical device companies, according to an interesting story by Christopher Snowbeck of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

I’ll only tell you that the story touches on:


• cow pies
(Photo by Jeff Vanuga, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, found on Wikipedia. Ed. note: This photo is provided for the education of users who have never been on a farm. It is not necessarily the “mud” referred to in the headline’s reference to “mudslinging.” This may be the only time I’ll ever have the chance to discuss cowpies on this blog, so this is a rare teaching moment.)

• divorce

• Senator Chuck Grassley

• disciplining sales reps for repeatedly breaching code of conduct for interactions with health care professionals.

You’ll have to read Snowbeck’s piece to get the details.

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