Star Tribune proclaims "blockage breakthrough" but readers wonder

This is the second business section health news story we’ve questioned today. But we’re not the only ones.

A Star Tribune headline screamed, “Blockage Breakthrough” on behalf of a local company’s hopes for its coronary artery intervention product.

Problem: We never learn what the product really is or how it works.

We only hear the praise from one – just one happy patient – and the pronouncement from the lead investigator (perhaps a bit conflicted?) that this is the closest they can come to the Holy Grail for treating blocked coronary arteries.

Readers are not dumb. Online, some commented as follows:

• “I don’t get it…exactly what is the breakthrough? It sounds like a normal angioplasty,”

• “Please define what (these devices) actually do.”

• “There is no description of what it is, what it does.”

• “Seems like the main point is not in the article? So how does the thing work? I kept reading it over thinking I missed it in there.”

No matter where you live – think twice about health stories on the business page that make things sound too good to be true. And if the story doesn’t deliver what you need to understand, take a moment to write in as these folks did. Maybe someone will listen.

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