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Anti-climax: flibanserin flops before FDA

The AP reports:

“…members of the Food and Drug Administration’s reproductive drugs panel voted 11-0 that the drug’s benefits did not outweigh side effects, including fatigue, depression and fainting spells.

Flibanserin failed to increase sexual desire, as recorded by women in daily journals, in two company studies.

The FDA will make its own decision on the drug in coming months, though it generally follows the panel’s advise.”

When will we learn to put evidence before hype?

To wait until all the evidence is in before promoting something as “the female viagra” – as “the pink pill” that women have been waiting for?

Shame on the journalists who hyped this story leading up to the FDA panel’s vote. It resembled free advertising, free marketing, free buildup of demand for an unproven product.

And pity the poor consumers who heard about this every day and bought the hype.

When will we learn to be better evaluators of the evidence?

Addendum two hours after original post: many more good details in this story from

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Joseph Arpaia, MD

June 18, 2010 at 9:44 pm

It may have flopped but at least some media are spouting nonsense.
Here is a link to an NYT article which reports on the issue as if there is no doubt that female HSDD is a serious disorder. Terrible journalism.


June 19, 2010 at 9:12 am

i love it, im so glad this drug flopped they need to fire the greedy idiots at BI who tried to make up this disease state. I have an idea why not go after cures which BI has none (no long term money in that). good luck with your me too rat poison.