Wrapping up odd week in science journalism: science writer beaten, psychic octopus on CNN

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Charlie Petit, on the Knight Science Journalism Tracker, passes along news of “strong indications that a (Chinese) science editor and writer was viciously attacked by what appeared to be murder-minded hired thugs late one night. The surmised reason was to stop him from his tendency to label as quackery herbal cures, earthquake predictions based on things like ringing of the ears, and widespread fakery of data and padding of resumes among scientists who publish in the nation’s journals.”

Petit also writes: “At least in the US, so far as I’ve heard, the writer of this Boing Boing blogpost, Maggie Koerth-Baker, remains unbeaten for this: Science reporting officially dead at CNN. It has to do with, um, a pyschic octopus.”

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