OMG! Journal withdraws paper about whether Christ cured a woman with flu

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On his Retraction Watch blog, Ivan Oransky comments on the shroud of retraction as he calls it. The blog quotes the journal editor’s retraction notice:

“As Editor-in-Chief of Virology Journal I wish to apologize for the publication of the article entitled “Influenza or not influenza: Analysis of a case of high fever that happened 2000 years ago in Biblical time”, which clearly does not provide the type of robust supporting data required for a case report and does not meet the high standards expected of a peer-reviewed scientific journal.”

Oransky credits one blogger’s work on the story:

“(Bob) O’Hara’s tongue-in-cheek yet exasperated analysis of the paper is worth the read and deserves the traffic, so I will send you there instead of quote it extensively. But let’s just say it includes a reference to a sentence in the paper pointing out that Luke could not have quantified Christ’s temperature because the Fahrenheit scale was not devised until 1724.”

Lighthearted but important reminder: publication in a journal does not mean that the Word has been etched in stone tablets.

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