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Indianapolis – home of Eli Lilly – shuts out breast cancer protest

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Breast Cancer Action, a nonprofit education and advocacy organization, says it can’t get its message on billboards in Indianapolis, home of the Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company.

The message:

“Eli Lilly is making us sick. Tell them to stop”

Breast Cancer Action says they’ve been rejected by every billboard company in Indianapolis. The group states:

“Despite working within the guidelines of each billboard company contacted, the advocacy group has been turned down because of the content of the message. At a time when political advertizing across the nation has reached an all time high, the rejection of BCA’s message raises critical questions about who controls the media when it comes to public health.

“We are talking about women’s health here. A breast cancer organization’s message about the impact of a drug company’s behavior is being kept off billboards in the company’s home town. When corporate influence runs this deep, the public should be outraged. We certainly are,” said BCA executive director, Barbara Brenner.

MilkingCancer_Logo_RGB.jpg The public’s health is at stake. Eli Lilly is the sole worldwide manufacturer of rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone also known as rBST) which is sold under the name Posilac and has long been linked to cancer. The artificial hormone is given to dairy cows to stimulate milk production.

Breast Cancer Action’s “Milking Cancer” campaign demands Eli Lilly stop manufacturing the artificial stimulant rBGH.”

Here’s a “Milking Cancer” video posted on the Breast Cancer Action site:

Milking Cancer from Breast Cancer Action on Vimeo.

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