Proto magazine article on questions about statins

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The Winter edition of Proto magazine (published by the Massachusetts General Hospital) features an in-depth look at statin drugs.


“Questioning Statins”


“What statins might do for you: Lower cholesterol // Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease // Cause muscle pain and fatigue // Fail to significantly prolong your life.”

The article paints this contrasting picture:

“A quarter-century after the approval of the first statin, ‘statins have had the largest impact of any medicine ever developed, short of penicillin.’

“Statins don’t seem to confer the ultimate health benefit–longer life. So is lowering cholesterol as important as everyone has been led to believe?”

It’s a good read; take a look.

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Paul Scott

February 17, 2011 at 10:34 am

LDL is only modestly correlated with heart disease according to more advanced analytical measures. LDL is also an umbrella term for a diverse set of particles that act differently in relation to diet and which have differing relationships to heart disease. So the discussion is interesting but ultimately frustrating.