Two touching tributes for on leading journalism sites

All of us who have worked on for the past 6 years (5 live, 1 startup-prep-beta year) are grateful for the very kind, touching tributes that we received this past week.

Tracker.jpgI’m especially grateful for the kind words from veteran science journalist Paul Raeburn on the terrific Knight Science Journalism Tracker. Although, as I noted in a comment I posted attached to his piece, credit should go to a broad team – not just me – and to the pioneering Media Doctor Australia site that helped kick off an international movement that has now extended to projects in a half dozen countries with perhaps more on the way.

Then Curtis Brainard posted a thorough and thoughtful review of our work on the Columbia Journalism Review’s online Observatory column. I often cringe at what is left out of such interviews/columns. Brainard left in many of the most important perspectives that I hoped to convey.

CJR.jpg observatory.jpg

I value hearing from Raeburn and Brainard and so many others who are peers and colleagues in trying to improve health, medical, science journalism.

And the feedback received directly from so many health care journalists at the Association of Health Care Journalists in Philadelphia last week and in this ensuing week has been appreciated, helpful, and inspiring.

Thanks to all of you.

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