WBUR’s CommonHealth blog profiles savvy health care industry worker infuriated about consumer cost info

Rachel Zimmerman tells a story that many people must be able to relate with – “Medical Sticker Shock: An Infuriating Encounter With A Cost Calculator.”

The guy delivers the nut graf:

“Here I was trying to do the right thing by figuring out the cost. But clearly, the system isn’t ready for prime time when it comes to transparency.”

Zimmerman and Carey Goldberg do a terrific job on the CommonHealth blog. I was on a New England Science Writers panel with Rachel, Daniel Carlat and Ivan Oransky back in January. Video and audio available online. It was moderated by blogger Alison Bass, with lots of help from Carol Cruzan Morton and Dianne Finch.

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Rick Evans

April 5, 2011 at 10:02 pm

It’s a hard to take WBUR Commonhealth seriously considering that it started as a RomneyCare propaganda soapbox for its healthcare industry lobbyists and advocates.
Under Martha Bebinger Commonhealth’s daily parade of paternalistic nanny-statists were dedicated to telling its readers how grateful they should be for being extorted by the state into paying into the most expensive, profligate health care spending state in the nation.
If you posted a reply to their parade of 1000 word missives your reply was posted in type 1/2 the size to reduce its visibility and importance.
Unless you’re feeding at the health care dollar trough you might want to skip CommonHealth.