New website promotes “fair mental health reporting”

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I just learned about a relatively new British website called “WordsMatter.” The publishers state their aim is:

“to establish a systematic process for encouraging people to praise good, and criticise poor, reporting on mental health issues. It comprises this web-based service which alerts subscribers to selected items, allowing them the opportunity to contact the media concerned through this website. The overall intention is to encourage the media to be more sensitive and informed in their use of language in reporting on mental health issues, and to provide balance and context in their coverage. Initially, the project has been funded to cover national and key regional press cuttings only, but the vision is to expand this in due course to cover discrimination more widely in the media and public life, subject of course to securing additional funding.”

On the home page today are these review comments:

• “An extremely positive and honest article from journalist Nick Foulkes about his own experience of depression.”

• a “negative and discriminating” article in the Daily Mirror
• “Negative use of the word lunatic” in a story in The Sun

There is an extensive FAQ section that provides more background on the project, which will be interesting to follow and to learn more about.

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