PR as “science” – flawed news coverage of flawed “research” promotes age discrimination

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Liz Scherer, on her Flashfree blog, has an interesting guest post, “An age-old problem: public relations as science.

Her synopsis:

“how ageism has become the advocacy project of the month, a hook to attract attention to a specific cause by feeding into the fears and anxiety that often accompany aging. Not only are women a primary target for these campaigns, but by couching the propaganda within a scientific context, it can be difficult to discern truth from fiction.”

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Ken Leebow

July 8, 2011 at 9:50 am

This week I listened to an NPR report ( that had Dan Callahan of the Hasting Center on it. He made a very interesting comment: “We are waging a war on death”.
Unfortunately, we boomers want to defy nature and “live forever”. Since we don’t want to age, the media, ad folks, PR people, pharma (to name a few) have taken advantage of our desire not to age.
Here’s a news flash: We’re all going to die!
Ken Leebow