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Tags has shared with me an advance look at their updated health blog rankings, and this blog continues to rise on the charts. Thanks to all of you who find this stuff interesting and maybe even important. Here’s the new list:

1 Well
2 Kevin, M.D. – Medical Weblog
3 Respectful Insolence
4 Science-Based Medicine
5 Pharmalot
6 The Health Care Blog
7 John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog
8 Health Beat
9 Age of Autism
10 In the Pipeline
11 Better Health
12 Gary Schwitzer’s HealthNewsReview Blog
13 Dr. Wes
14 Healthcare Economist
15 Health Business Blog
16 The Covert Rationing Blog
17 The Last Psychiatrist
18 Shrink Rap
19 Movin’ Meat
20 Diabetes Mine
21 Running a hospital
22 The Happy Hospitalist
23 White Coat Underground
24 The Medical Quack
25 ScienceRoll
26 The Carlat Psychiatry Blog
27 Six Until Me.
28 InsureBlog
29 Brain Blogger
30 Health Care Renewal

Ranking made by Wikio

Wikio explains their methodology in this way:

The position of a blog in the Wikio ranking depends on the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs. Our algorithm accords a greater value to links from blogs placed higher up in the ranking.

A blog linking another blog is only counted once a month i.e. if blog A links to blog B 10 times in a given month, it is only counted as having linked to that blog once that month. The weight of any link decreases over time. Also, if a blog always links to the same blog, the weight of these links is decreased.

Only links found in RSS feeds are counted. Blogrolls are not taken into account.

In December 2010, retweets were added as an additional factor to the ranking algorithm. For each twitter account, only one backlink per blog is taken into account each month.

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