Noteworthy: KaiserHealthNews, Forbes, Phil. Inquirer pieces

Kinda swamped today, but wanted to shine a light on a few noteworthy pieces:

• A Kaiser Health News/Washington Post collaboration, “Concern Is Growing That The Elderly Get Too Many Medical Tests.”

• Former Senate Finance Committee investigator Paul Thacker writes his first piece for Forbes, “How An Ethically Challenged Researcher Found A Home at the University of Miami.”

• A long explainer – rare these days – by Marie McCullough of the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Cardiac gene therapy shows promise to save lives.” Excerpt:

“In recent months, researchers in Philadelphia and beyond have reported success using gene therapy to treat common, intractable cardiac problems including heart failure, hardened arteries, and the racing heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation.

You probably haven’t heard about these feats because they were in pigs, dogs, or sheep.

In the most complex mammal of all – humans – the results of cardiac gene therapy experiments have been encouraging, but inconclusive
The hopes – and the hurdles – are high.”

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