Month: February 2012


WRONG: a book about evaluating evidence


The Costly Myths about Pharmaceutical R&D

2 2/16/2012

Key quotes from Reuters story on overtreatment

2/16/2012 – another solid resource for journalists


Former Pfizer exec: Maybe it’s time for pharma to drop TV ads


“All the Justice Money Can Buy” – the Merck Vioxx story that can’t be forgotten


Proton beam therapy: if you build it, they will come

4 2/14/2012

Why elevate Adele’s surgeon to “miracle” status?

6 2/13/2012

An “exercise pill”? Take two and call us in the morning

8 2/10/2012

One reader’s reaction to TV story hyping coconut oil for Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, etc.