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You might think Chinplants are the most important health care news story of the day

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I’d like to apply a little “chin music” to the spreading of this story.  “Chin music” – if you don’t know – is an oldtime baseball saying for throwing a “high, hard one” at a batter to “dust him off the plate” and deliver a warning for “crowding the plate.”  I’m feeling a little crowded by the number of stories about “chinplants” staring at me wherever I turn today.

Plastic surgeons release new stats on the fastest-growing cosmetic surgeries, and journalists are all over it – yet with nary a comment on the practice.*

Chin Implant Surgeries On the Rise in US – U.S. News & World Report (HealthDay News)

Chin implant surgery skyrockets in US – Fox News


chins are the new breasts – (One of 3 MSNBC chinplant stories featured on their health page simultaneously)


* I wrote “nary a comment on the practice” but – of all sources – surprisingly, there was this:

Dr. Mehmet Oz told TODAY’s Matt Lauer that chin implant surgery is not without risk; there’s a 5-7 percent chance of infection, Oz said. He said people considering chinplants should make sure the doctor is board certified, experienced at the procedure and has hospital privileges (even though the procedure is usually done in an office). Also, ask for references and check them out.

Finally, Oz cautioned, people need to realize that the plastic surgery procedure du jour will not guarantee happiness. “Ask the soul-searching question: am I happy, or am I doing this to make me happy? Because the latter is not a good way to go.”


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