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We’re back to blogging after a week away in Beijing, China, where we led a journalism workshop co-hosted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the Cancer Institute and Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

It was a fascinating trip and we enjoyed the chance to share ideas and to discuss challenges and suggestions for improvements  with many Chinese journalists, physicians and researchers.

Some participants stated an interest in a translation of the “Covering Medical Research:  A Guide to Reporting on Studies” booklet that I wrote for the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ).  I wouldn’t be surprised if AHCJ gained a few Chinese-journalist-members after this event.  Others stated an interest in the establishment of a Chinese version of

Just one tidbit from the meeting:

I asked our Chinese host, Dr. You-lin Qiao, about prostate cancer screening in China.  He said there was no national program of prostate cancer screening – that such screening was not common.  Contrasting that with the US pattern of prostate screening, I asked him which men were better off — Americans or Chinese?  His answer:

“On this issue, it is as if Americans are overweight and Chinese are very hungry.  There must be something reasonable in the middle.”


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