Bloomberg story promotes “obesity cure”

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In what is becoming a race for the bottom of health news stories, a recent Bloomberg story on is headlined:

“Lose weight forever with Abiliti implant as obesity cure.” 

Lose weight forever?

Obesity cure?

Excerpt from the   advertisement- , er, story:

“Long-term results from studies on Abiliti are not yet available. So far, a 12-month study concluded in March of 25 participants showed an average total loss of 14 kilograms and a 30 percent drop in excess weight, or the amount above ideal body weight.”

25 people?

Only at the very end of the story do we hear:

“There’ve been a lot of electric stimulation devices that have failed to show any advantage over placebo” or other weight-loss surgeries, Cleveland Clinic’s Schauer said.


Maybe we need to start reviewing Bloomberg pieces on a regular basis.  Look at how many other websites picked up this headline and ran with it.




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