NIH Medicine in the Media workshop this week

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I’m honored to be invited to speak once again at the NIH Medicine in the Media workshop this week in Washington, DC.

Year after year this is an outstanding health journalism training opportunity.

The agenda this year may be the best I’ve seen in more than a decade-long tradition of solid offerings.  It includes:

  • Saving normal: Fads, epidemics, and diagnostic inflation in psychiatry – with Dr. Allen Frances
  • Dietary supplements: Peril or pablum? – with Natasha Singer of the NY Times
  • One shoulder, ten countries – with journalist T.R. Reid
  • Not just a single study in isolation: The systematic review – with Hilda Bastian of PubMed
  • Challenges of writing and blogging for the web – with Scott Hensley of NPR’s Shots blog
  • Inside the kitchen with medical journal editors:  Trish Groves, British Medical Journal; Phil Fontanarosa, Journal of the American Medical Association; Barry Kramer, Journal of the National Cancer Institute
  • The logic of cancer screening – with Dr. Barry Kramer
  • Guidance on guidelines: Using clinical recommendations in reporting  – with Dr. Virginia Moyer of the US Preventive Services Task Force
  • Several sessions on evaluating evidence – with Drs. Steven Woloshin and Lisa Schwartz of Dartmouth
  • Busting through the broadcast blues – with me and Heather Won Tesoriero of CBS News
  • My session on lessons from 6.5 years of

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Greg Pawelski

October 15, 2012 at 11:03 am

“Break a leg” Gary!

Shereen Jegtvig

October 18, 2012 at 10:47 am

I was lucky enough to go to this last year…. what a fantastic workshop!