Grateful for American College of Sports Medicine’s continued support

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As the latest manifestation of the ACSM’s support for what we do, see one of their recent news releases which includes at the end this tag:

The American College of Sports Medicine supports the 10 Criteria for Responsible Health Reporting as articulated by Health News Review.

Beggars can’t be choosers, my Dad always reminded me.  But I still asked ACSM to use our proper name – in the future – no spaces, .org at the end.

It shouldn’t be a secret:  this project is struggling to stay alive.  Just as it builds a substantial and faithful following among a diverse group of readers, and just as it is poised to introduce some important new approaches to the review of media messages about health care, our project faces financial, staffing and management hurdles that jeopardize its stability, much less its chance for growth.

So any support – even boilerplate language at the end of news releases reminding readers about why our project is important – is appreciated.

Now, if only we had more players come to the table……

The phone lines are open.  No plans yet to put you through a public radio-like solicitation period.  Yet.


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