Hope? Perhaps. But tough questions not asked/answered by CNN on islet cell transplants

One of our readers who has Type I diabetes wrote to me about a story on CNN.com last week – about islet cell transplantation offering “hope for Type 1 diabetes.”

Indeed, such transplants do offer some hope to some people.

But our interested reader asked why there was no discussion of:

  • cost?
  • side effects of immunosuppressant therapy?
  • alternatives?
  • history of failures of islet transplants?
  • measurable impact of the treatment (hemoglobin A1c improvement?)
  • why would insurance pay for an experimental therapy?

Indeed, CNN devoted more than 1,300 words to this online story, but none to the important questions our reader raised.

But an editor’s note at the top of the piece announces that November is National Diabetes Month – so maybe the intent is to promote progress and not ask evidence-based questions.


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