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The recent NBC prostate cancer screening promotion featuring Matt Lauer and Al Roker of the Today Show getting digital rectal exams was ridiculed by a parody on The Colbert Report.  As Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert often do, this segment educated while hammering home the folly in some media screening messages.

Colbert's prostacularOther items you should know about:

  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s new “Deadly Delays” series – about the nation’s newborn screening system and how delays in the processing of blood samples taken at birth may be harmful to babies who are born with various genetic disorders.

  • Paul Raeburn’s analysis of news coverage about the discovery of a “new” knee ligament – a discovery, he wrote, that was “amazing, except for one little detail, a detail so trivial I’m embarrassed to bring it up: It isn’t true.” Sometimes journalists don’t seem to read the studies they are reporting on.

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