Robotic surgery company objects to tough journalism; objections & responses posted

Men’s Health magazine deserves credit not only for its tough story, “What’s Wrong with Robotic Surgery?” by an excellent journalist, Laura Beil, earlier this year.  But when Intuitive Surgical, manufacturer of the DaVinci robotic surgical system, objected to the piece, Men’s Health posted a point-by-point response to the objections.

A double dose of good journalism, ending with this polite, accurate summary from the magazine editor:

In sum, I believe that this story was accurate, fair and a service to our readers. In fact, robotic surgery represents an advance in technology, but one that has physical and financial costs.

We stand by our story as published.


Peter Moore
Men’s Health magazine

Intuitive Surgical has complained in the past about “negative press.”    As I wrote when this came up before:

“…the company has profited from years of breathless, gee-whiz news coverage.  If you’re going to play the manipulate-the-media-for-marketing game, you may stand to gain something, but you may stand to lose something.  Tradeoffs.  Just like with the use of the technology itself.  Some of the chickens may be coming home to roost.”


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