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Duluth newspaper tackles commercial screening test questions

John Lundy of the Duluth News Tribune reports, “Wellness screening offers draw complaints.”  The story was apparently motivated by one Duluth resident’s complaint about a piece of direct mail she received from the LifeLine Screening company – the kind of mail many Americans get in the company’s carpet-bombing direct mail campaigns.  The story begins:

“Sue Majewski says she was irate about a mailer that came to her Morgan Park home on Aug. 30.

“I smelled a rat right away,” she said.

The letter, addressed to her husband, Bill Majewski, invited the 74-year-old to sign up for five “recommended” screenings offered by Ohio-based Life Line Screening.”

The Duluth News Tribune paper isn’t a big paper.  It has a circulation of 30,000 – maybe less.  Many bigger papers have reported puff promotional pieces when such commercial screening campaigns come to town.

Imagine the impact if newspapers – big and small, across the country – began to ask more tough questions and listened to, or looked for, more stories like Sue Majewski’s.

ADDENDUM ON September 25:

I was reminded of a somewhat similar complaint about LifeLine Screening mailings that was published by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) member Vik Khanna, on his blog, about two years ago.  The difference was that Khanna was blasting ACSM for cooperating with LifeLine Screening in sending the direct mail screening promotions to ACSM members.


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