Note to our followers: Our nearly 13-year run of daily publication of new content on came to a close at the end of 2018. Publisher Gary Schwitzer and other contributors may post new articles periodically. But all of the 6,000+ articles we have published contain lessons to help you improve your critical thinking about health care interventions. And those will be still be alive on the site for a couple of years.

L’Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco publishes nice plug for

L’Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco – Italy’s national drug regulatory agency – published a profile of our work on their website.   The web article was entitled, “Come leggere criticamente le notizie sulla salute: l’esperienza di” – or – “How to critically read the news about health: the experience of”

The article is a summary of my JAMA Internal Medicine piece from last May,  A Guide to Reading Health Care News Stories.”

The Italian article concludes: provides reporters… a series of practical tools useful to distinguish background noise from the facts and provide a better service to readers. This toolkit includes, for example, a list of independent experts who have no financial ties to the industry (and the conflicts of interest arising therefrom) to turn to figure out how to provide the best interpretation of the results of scientific studies.

The activities undertaken in systematic review of the news by this courageous site have stopped (temporarily, Schwitzer hopes) because of a lack of funds. But the founder does not fail to continue to offer his views on misleading news on his blog and via his Twitter account, a lone voice that deserves to be heard.

It does, indeed, feel lonely out here many days.  And the article is correct:  I have now limped through 15 months of operation of the site without funding.  Because of pressing family matters, I have at least temporarily stopped pursuing new funding possibilities.

So, thanks to L’Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco for this recognition of our efforts.


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