Paul Raeburn’s farewell on Knight Science Journalism Tracker: Three reasons why good science writing is worth defending

I’m not going to lift excerpts from Paul Raeburn’s farewell post on the Knight Science Journalism Tracker.  I think you should read it yourself in its entirety.

I’ve known Paul a long time and have deep admiration for his work. Our unrelated efforts on and on the Knight Science Journalism Tracker were so similar at times. We usually agreed, although not always, and our few disagreements were minor.  But we always demonstrated mutual respect.   We both worked to launch graduate programs in science writing or health care journalism and both met somewhat similar disappointing outcomes.  I lost funding for 17 months and now he loses his gig.  I expect to hear great things from him with whatever comes next for him.

Meantime, as fate would have it, the University of Minnesota School of Public Health welcomed me to my new home for my newly-funded project, with a nice article, “New Funding Revives Internationally Acclaimed Website.” I’m not going to excerpt that, either, hoping you’ll read it all yourself.

I know that I’m very fortunate.

“Wheel of fate has many spokes”

from the film Charlie Chan’s Secret (1936)


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