NOTE TO READERS: When this project lost substantial funding at the end of 2018, I lost the ability to continue publishing criteria-driven news story reviews and PR news release reviews - once the bread-and-butter of the site going back to 2006. The 3,200 archived reviews, while still educational, are getting old and difficult for me to technically maintain on the back end of the website. So I am announcing that I plan to remove these reviews from the site by April 1, 2021. The blog and the toolkit - two of the most popular features on the site - will remain. If you wish to peruse the reviews before they disappear, please do so by the end of March 2021. After that date you may still be able to access them via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine -

“Investigating Health & Medicine” – Global Investigative Journalism Network

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Gary Schwitzer is the founder and publisher of HealthNewsReview. He has covered health care news almost exclusively since 1973. Here is his online bio.  He tweets as @garyschwitzer or as @HealthNewsRevu.

Our contribution to a new global resource made multiple contributions to an impressive new online resource, “Investigating Health and Medicine,” by Serena Tinari and Catherine Riva via the Global Investigative Journalism Network. The preface to the guide states:
  • This guide deals extensively with how to independently assess research claims and frequently cites the work of, which has experience in appraising health and medical claims as they are published by the media. is doing outstanding work during the COVID-19 pandemic. was also featured on the Health in 30 website.

Barbara Ficarra, nurse/health educator and more, interviewed me for a Q&A column, “Is It Possible to Debunk Pandemic Misinformation?” Here is an excerpt:

Q: Misinformation surrounding the coronavirus seems to be rampant, what can be done to counter misinformation?

A: I have always believed that a strong grassroots movement to help the general public to improve their critical thinking about health care is required in order to counter misinformation. That is what I have tried to do on for the past 14 years.  But no one project, no one organization, can address all of the myriad misinformation that washes over the public every day like a tsunami.  So I believe we need to start from the bottom up to give people the tools to improve their own analytical skills, their own ability to weigh the veracity of claims, their own pathways for finding accurate, balanced and complete information.

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