Salads keep your brain 11 years younger? What you need to know

A few years ago, the website Hairpin.com posted a photo essay that captured a slice of the silliness of some stock photo collections.  Under a headline, but with no other words, there were simply 19 photos that matched the headline, “Women Laughing Alone With Salad.” But salad silliness isn’t limited to stock photo images.  Last […]


Podcast: The top 10 quotes of 2017

In this podcast — our 13th of the year (and 38th episode since we started producing them in the summer of 2015) —  we take a look back at some memorable conversations from the past year.

We spoke with quite a mix of inspirational individuals, covered a wide range of fascinating topics, and thought we’d share with you what we considered to be some of the most compelling quotes.

So here you go … The Top 10 Quotes of 2017


2017 year-ender: What I’ve learned from reading health news every morning

Each morning, I scan 26 news sites for stories that report on some claim of a health benefit by a specific intervention. I then compile a list of said stories, and email them to the HealthNewsReview.org team. By the end of this year, I may hit 1,000 articles. As a health care reporter, I have […]


2017 year-ender: Lots of interesting health news (if you’re a lab mouse)

Among the many things we might ask health care journalists to put on their to-do lists in 2018, dialing back on coverage of animal studies ranks near the top. Yet, we won’t be placing any bets: As with years past, 2017 was full of hyped-up headlines based on pre-clinical evidence. Big claims were made about memory […]

1 12/20/2017

New blood pressure guidelines: supporters get coverage, critics don’t. Why?

Last month the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) released new guidelines advising that high blood pressure (‘hypertension’) be defined at 130/80 millimeters of mercury, instead of the previously widely accepted (and higher) threshold of 140/90. The response from news organizations was massive. Last week, when the American Academy of Family […]


A veteran journalist explains why it’s so tough to inform the public about medical devices — and what can be done about it

Millions of Americans are implanted with medical devices every year, yet surprisingly little is known about whether those devices help or harm them. While Walmart tracks every head of lettuce on its shelves, no one “can say how many people are dying because of implanted medical devices. It’s a black hole,” veteran journalist Jeanne Lenzer, a […]

2 12/19/2017

2017 journalism report card from HealthNewsReview.org

This year-end report card from HealthNewsReview.org is for those of you who love numbers. We have now systematically reviewed nearly 2,500 news stories, nearly 500 PR news releases, and published more than 2,600 blog posts. This blog post will focus on the performance of the news organizations we reviewed in 2017. Of the 10 criteria […]


2017 year-ender: Major themes from a year’s worth of news release reviews

We’re closing in on our 500th news release review since launching this service in April 2015. What have we learned? We’ve learned that overall, universities, academic medical centers, hospitals, trade groups and industry are committing many of the same mistakes and omitting the same key information they were in 2015 when we started. We’re dedicated […]


5-Star Friday: Illuminating darkness

As we approach the darkest day of the year we’re reminded that not infrequently — as health care journalists — we are called upon to write about dark topics. Such topics take us to painful places that are often neglected, but some writers feel compelled to delve into. They’re not easy stories to write, but […]

1 12/15/2017

Kicking off 2017 HealthNewsReview.org year-ender series

This is the first of six year-ender pieces we have planned to wrap up 2017.  In this first of the series we’ll provide an overview of highlights (or lowlights) of what we observed in reviewing media messages about health care every day in our 11th year. Don’t take $ from industries you report on We […]


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