Wow! A front-page evidence-based screening story!

Kudos to Chen May Yee and the Star Tribune for a front-page story on how screening tests offered by for-profit companies may cause more harm than good and may be a waste of money. I slammed the Strib almost exactly one year ago for a non evidence-based article promoting screening tests. So let this blog […]


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wins First Health Journalism Award from Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 —The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the first news organization to receive an award for Excellence in Health Journalism from the Boston-based Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making. The Foundation, which presented the award yesterday at its Research and Policy Forum in Washington DC, chose the Milwaukee newspaper because of its consistently high […]


Congratulations to Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel health news team

That paper was honored yesterday by the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making with an award for Excellence in Health Journalism. The Foundation, which presented the award yesterday at its Research and Policy Forum in Washington DC, chose the Milwaukee newspaper because of its consistently high ratings by HealthNewsReview.org– the only organization of its kind […]


Wikio ranks my blog in top 20

I’m always amazed that my little blog gets any traffic or draws any links or whatever drives the various ranking services. I usually do this stuff at 6:30 in the morning after one cup of coffee at home – like now. So I’m amazed that my blog has achieved a top 20 health blog ranking […]


Hoosiers get health journalism lecture on the radio

The first part of a two-part, two-weekend interview appeared on Indiana Public Radio this weekend. The guest: me. The topic: health journalism.


Improvement in health news grades

Some good things are happening in health news coverage. Of the first 12 stories reviewed in 2009 on HealthNewsReview.org, five have received the top five-star score. In the three years of the project, there have never been so many highly-rated stories in such a sport span. In fact, only 13% of all 712 stories reviewed […]


Milwaukee paper keeps hammering on conflict of interest

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has done it again. This tough “medium market” (if I can call it that) newspaper faces tough economic times by scrapping to do more tough journalism. Just two weeks ago we blogged about one of their stellar health journalism efforts. Yesterday they published a 1,700-word story (that’s rare these days) raising […]


Shining a spotlight on 5-star stories

Of the first 710 stories reviewed on HealthNewsReview.org, only 88 – or 12% have received our top five-star score. But in one recent 8-day span, a record of four stories were given a five-star review by three independent reviewers – using the same ten standardized criteria we apply to all stories. Here are those four: […]


Are doctors loyalties divided?

The Milwaukee Journal – a paper facing all the struggles (and maybe some more) that any news organization faces – continues to shine through it all with its health news coverage. Reporter John Fauber has a two-part series this week on “doctors moonlighting for drug companies.” Excerpt: It’s a practice that increasingly is drawing criticism […]


The Gupta Chronicles

While I was on vacation last week, many web surfers found my name when searching for articles on Sanjay Gupta’s work after the announcement that he was being considered for the Surgeon General position. Because of a failure in search engine functioning, some surfers weren’t able to find what they were searching for and asked […]


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