2 10/29/2006

Newspaper reader: "Don't promote unproven therapies"

Sometimes you see a letter to the editor of a newspaper that you just want to frame. One such note appeared in today’s Star Tribune. The letter stated: “Why not a more accurate headline for your Oct. 23 Business article “Massage that offers a healing message”? I suggest “St. Thomas prof sees business opportunity in […]


Are U.S. breasts different?

My friend Andrew Holtz asked journalists on the Association of Health Care Journalists’ listserv, “Why did this week’s Cochrane review examining the balance of risks and benefits of mammography get widespread coverage in the UK, but almost no mention in the US news media? Of the two dozen stories picked up in a Google News […]


Newspapers Lift Wire Stories, But May Miss the Best of the Original Story

Journalists already know this, but many news consumers may not. What you read in your local newspaper or its website may be a considerably-shortened version of a story that was written by someone in another city who put a lot more work into the original than what you see. Here’s an example of what can […]


Cool Site of the Day designation drives hot traffic

Another one of my web efforts, HealthNewsReview.org, was named Cool Site of the Day by The Kim Komando Show one week ago today. Komando says she “hosts the largest talk radio show about computers and the Internet.â€? The program is heard on over 450 stations throughout the United States. One thing is known: traffic to […]


Milwaukee editor says media must pay more attention to health care crisis

The editor of Milwaukee Magazine writes: “Perhaps the most under-covered issue in the Milwaukee metro area is the cost of healthcare. Medical costs are killing this community in both public and private sectors. Last week, a study by the Greater Milwaukee Business Foundation on Health Inc. found that physician fees for 13 procedures done by […]


Award for HealthNewsReview.org

I was at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. yesterday to accept a Knight-Batten Award for Innovations in Journalism for the creation of the HealthNewsReview.org website. It was a terrific event, hosted by the J-Lab, The Institute for Interactive Journalism at the University of Maryland. The news release about the event is available online. […]


Katie’s Colon & CBS’ New On-Air M.D.

The New York Observer reports that Dr. Jonathan LaPook, recently named medical reporter for the CBS Evening News (with Katie Couric), also helped arrange Katie’s on-air colonoscopy in 2000. The Observer also reports: “Over his quarter-century in medicine, he has consulted with some of that network’s most important figures: former news division president Howard Stringer; […]


Dutch scientists dampen diabetes hype

A Dutch epidemiologist and colleagues warn in the BMJ this week that news coverage of a diabetes finding may raise unrealistic expectations. They write that a New York Times story earlier this year quoted a diabetes researcher saying the gene discovery (a variant of the TCF7L2 or transcription factor 7-like 2 gene) could lead to […]


Wide variations in way journalists cover cancer gene therapy story

What a flashback! 21 years ago, National Cancer Institute researcher Steven Rosenberg became a media darling because of his work with Interleukin-2 against cancer. Magazine covers, newspaper headlines, Today show appearances. Much of it hype. Yesterday a new media feeding frenzy was kicked off when the journal Science published a Rosenberg (et al) paper about […]


Health care industry worried about Michael Moore's "Sicko"

AdAge.com is the latest publication to report that Michael Moore’s pending documentary on the health care industry has industry execs rattled. AdAge.com reports that drug company execs have told their employees not to talk with Moore. Quotes in the article: “A review of America’s health-care system should be balanced, thoughtful and well-researched to pin down […]


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