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Category: Advertising


Testosterone ads are good for drug company profits but bad for public health: A new study shows why

2 1/3/2017

Worse quality of life for many despite ‘miracle’ TAVR heart procedure

5 9/8/2016

Cancer Miracle Mongering by City of Hope


Where are the TV ads to “educate” patients about the negative Opdivo lung cancer trial?

7 7/19/2016

Sheryl Crow hawks 3D mammograms with fear and false hope

11 5/11/2016

Sponsored content gets even more slippery: Disappearing disclosures and other dirty tricks designed to fool readers

4 5/4/2016

Colonoscopies get the glory, but reasons for dramatic decline in colon cancer are unclear


Some news media wake up to problematic Belsomra ads; most hit the snooze button

7 4/12/2016

The marketing of mindfulness and why that matters


Calling out BS on “Promoted stories”