Category: Cancer

1 3/14/2017

Podcast: Why a health care journalist chose active surveillance for prostate cancer

1 3/10/2017

News outlets sound alarm over ‘skyrocketing’ colon cancer in millennials. Is it a false alarm?


Null but not void: Why health journalists need to stop ignoring negative studies

7 2/23/2017

MD Anderson Cancer Center’s IBM Watson project fails, and so did the journalism related to it


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1 2/13/2017

The harms of cancer screening: It’s time to get personal

1 2/10/2017

A ‘trick’ to finding breast cancer goes viral on Facebook–here’s what was missing from the message


Pancreatic cancer PR spin: Another reason for Yale University to review our educational resources

1 1/12/2017

‘Amazing breakthrough … one step closer to a cure:’ Lessons from CAR-T coverage

4 12/8/2016

Too many stories ignore or under-report the harms of cancer immunotherapies. Here’s what the public needs to know.