Category: Conflicts of interest

2 6/19/2017

New example of conflict of interest in Mayo Clinic sponsorship of Star Tribune newspaper section


Conflicts of interest in health care journalism: VIDEO with our publisher about “an unhealthy state of things” (Part 3 of 3)

4 6/13/2017

Conflicts of interest: Time for world’s top health journalism organization to reconsider fundraising practices. Part 2 of 3

7 6/12/2017

Conflicts of interest in health care journalism. Who’s watching the watchdogs? We are. Part 1 of 3


White bread ‘healthier’ than whole grain? Why readers should avoid these half-baked stories

1 5/18/2017

High drug prices: Don’t let industry excuses go unchecked–or patient voices go unheard

6 4/17/2017

Selling Adult ADHD: NPR coverage helps advance drug industry marketing campaign

2 4/11/2017

Journalism ethics questions swirl around U of Kansas opioid survey, pharma funding

1 1/17/2017

Conflicts of interest in medicine: pervasive, worrisome, and detrimental to healthcare


3 papers published in a week = report card on health care journalism & PR