Category: disease awareness campaigns

3 10/3/2017

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How do we end up pink-washed every October?


Imbalanced ‘Saved by the Scan’ campaign neglects big concerns over lung cancer screening


Collusion between Hollywood script writers and pharmaceutical companies isn’t new. Nor is the call to regulate it.

1 3/15/2017

Breast cancer and the ballot box: political messages about screening prioritize votes over informed decisions

4 1/5/2017

BMJ: Can we trust the numbers that define pre-diabetes?

1 10/12/2016

A banner week for CDA (Celebrity Disease Awareness)


Govt committee exploits Ice Bucket Challenge ‘breakthrough’ to plug industry-friendly ‘Cures Act’

10 3/8/2016

Investigation of Alzheimer’s Association in-fighting didn’t address the role of corporate sponsorships

7 1/22/2016

Predictable Pre-diabetes One-sidedness


Moon shot cliches are becoming shopworn