Category: Evaluating the quality of evidence


Daytime sleepiness and Alzheimer’s risk: What you need to know

1 3/13/2018

Did a pricey cholesterol-lowering drug really reduce deaths, as headlines claim?

9 3/12/2018

News stories about kratom, an herbal ‘opioid alternative,’ wrongly prioritize propaganda over science


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4 2/15/2018

Advocates push for access to secret clinical data, while FDA drags its feet

6 2/13/2018

Stories about tragic flu deaths wrongly portray Tamiflu as a panacea


Animated map illustrates ‘wildfire spread’ of unregulated stem cell clinics in U.S.

1 1/19/2018

Journalists drop the ball on big concussion/CTE story


Ibuprofen linked to male infertility? It’s pure speculation

1 1/9/2018

‘Clinically proven’ ear plugs for migraines make news headlines, with little evidence they work