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Category: Evidence-based medicine


The unvarying story of health care variations – Dartmouth Atlas on children’s care

3 12/2/2013

Coumadin, Clinton, and corporate conspired conformity: The case for decentralizing medical practice guidelines

16 11/24/2013

Statins and cardiovascular conflicts of interest


The Economics & Politics of Drugs for Mild Hypertension


Reflecting on one little paper in Science 40 years ago – Jack Wennberg’s legacy

1 10/4/2013

Imbalance in reporting on Alzheimer’s PET scan research


“Not-so-fine line between empowerment and fear, between awareness and exploitation” on testicular cancer campaigns

1 9/18/2013

Patient protection from conflicted medical guidelines

1 9/9/2013

When the word “cancer” corrupts thought and action. Labeling hurts. The words matter.


Basics for Evaluating Medical Research Studies