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Some news stories sugarcoat limitations of study linking skipping breakfast to heart disease


At least five reported deaths linked to weight loss balloons: Why it may be the ‘tip of the iceberg’

1 2/17/2017

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8 10/13/2016

Advocacy group anecdotes present one-sided picture of genetic testing for breast cancer

1 9/22/2016

Once again, some news media can’t resist lure of sexy-but-preliminary research


Poking holes in Pokémon Go health benefit claims–including a study that didn’t exist

3 8/9/2016

Thanks to Olympics, ‘cupping’ gets its 15 minutes of fame–again


No, sleeping with a chicken probably won’t save you from Zika or malaria

1 7/15/2016

Things that are unlikely to kill you this summer, despite alarming news headlines