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2 9/12/2017

Another ‘breach of trust’ at STAT: patient who praised TV drug ads says pharma PR company asked her to write op-ed

5 9/7/2017

‘A blow to [STAT’s] credibility’: MD listed as author of op-ed praising drug reps didn’t write it. Ghostwriting/PR influence

2 2/7/2013

David Healy’s depressing reflection on 25th anniversary of Prozac & SSRIs for depression

8 1/25/2013

Ghostwriting part 3: psych drug Paxil – and conclusion


Ghostwriting series part 2: Medtronic’s InFuse spinal fusion surgery product

8 1/23/2013

Introducing a three-part series on medical journal ghostwriting

2 12/22/2011

Pharma Ghosts Haunt New Hormone Research

2 12/6/2011

Guest post: Bring Health Writers Out of the Ghostwriting Shadows