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2nd anniversary of Health News Watchdog podcast


Why you should be suspicious of subgroups: A new addition to our toolkit


News media herald ‘male fertility death spiral,’ but is the fear-mongering accurate?

1 8/3/2017

The 51-week life of Charlie Gard: Lessons from the news coverage

2 7/26/2017

A tale of two (BMJ) studies: one gets attention, the other gets neglected. Why?

5 7/24/2017

Mayo Clinic woos reporters with fellowship offer

1 7/20/2017

Journalists and consumers need to immunize themselves against hype about unproven vaccines

4 7/17/2017

Podcast #32: Newly-revised List of Industry-Independent Experts for Journalists

2 7/14/2017

Clueless on healthcare: here’s how we can get smarter

3 7/11/2017

Coffee & sleep stories mostly miss the association ≠ causation emphasis