Category: Health care journalism

3 7/3/2018

A venti-sized serving of misinformation in news stories on latest coffee study

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With funding scarce, hurtles toward closure

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News stories parrot assumptions about ‘body positivity’ health risks — and ignore conflicting evidence


Understanding medical tests: A new addition to our toolkit addressing sensitivity, specificity, and other core concepts

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CBS: “breakthrough” on supposed opioid alternative not even tested in humans yet

1 5/15/2018

MS patient shines a light on the harms of misleading media messages


Headline vs. study: Sometimes fishy, sometimes pulling a rabbit out of a hat


Non-inferiority trials require careful scrutiny: An update to our toolkit

2 5/2/2018

NYT ponders if IV drug users should get ‘second chance’ at heart surgeries, triggering outcry from addiction experts