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5-Star Friday: Simplicity


Journal case reports can’t ‘explode myths’ — but they can encourage shoddy news stories

2 6/26/2018

Feeling the drip, drip, drip of credulous first-person reporting about unproven interventions


News outlets focus on one dramatic outcome. But did researchers omit data from hundreds in clinical trial?


Uncovering new peer review problems – this time at The BMJ

4 11/16/2017

Why we should care that many editors of top medical journals get healthcare industry payments

2 7/26/2017

A tale of two (BMJ) studies: one gets attention, the other gets neglected. Why?

2 6/8/2017

A single paragraph published nearly 40 years ago contributed to the opioid epidemic. What can we learn from this?

1 3/10/2016

Xarelto controversy highlights need for more transparency at NEJM


Podcast: Rare disease foundation says medical journal misled patients