Category: Journalism ethics

4 11/16/2017

Why we should care that many editors of top medical journals get healthcare industry payments


Podcast: Conflicts of interest at World Conference of Science Journalists


Sponsored content: Boston Globe + Pfizer = News? Really?


STAT becomes 3rd major organization to revise policies after our scrutiny


Poynter Institute ethics policy revised following our criticism

2 7/6/2017

Alcohol industry isn’t just funding studies; it’s also funding journalism to sway public opinion


A newspaper’s murky partnership with a regional oncology center: boosting revenue but misleading readers


Multiple health news ethical problems with Minneapolis TV station’s Mayo Clinic story

2 6/19/2017

New example of conflict of interest in Mayo Clinic sponsorship of Star Tribune newspaper section


Conflicts of interest in health care journalism: VIDEO with our publisher about “an unhealthy state of things” (Part 3 of 3)