Category: Limits of observational studies

2 10/17/2013

Bacon bad for your sperm – news stories hit below belt again


The NY Times Well blog isn’t always so well


ICYMI: another association ? causation case with labor induction & autism risk


Scary coffee stories – add cream and two lumps of caveats

4 4/10/2013

Familiar pattern in stories of male pattern baldness & heart disease

6 4/2/2013

Jane Brody’s One-Sided Take on Sodium

12 3/12/2013

A good example of how to report on an observational study

2 2/12/2013

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time observational studies are miscommunicated. It just seems that way.


“The risk that press reports would fall into the trap of reporting this study as definitive”


Observational Studies and Falsification Endpoints