Category: Limits of observational studies

4 12/18/2012

Please, Grey Lady, don’t spill more coffee observational studies on us


My talk to Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT’s Medical Evidence Bootcamp for Journalists


Cardiobrief: Exercise And The Limitations Of Observational Studies


Heart journals ask scientist-authors to do what we’ve been teaching journalists for years

6 11/13/2012

Not so fast on fasting for cholesterol tests

12 11/8/2012

Much botched news coverage of statins and cancer study

4 8/31/2012

Take 2 aspirin….thoughts on the aspirin/prostate cancer news


BMJ news release on alcohol & arthritis may have contributed to misleading coverage


Health News Watchdog barks at stories about dogs and kids’ health


As long as news keeps cranking coffee benefit stories, we’ll keep commenting on them