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Category: Limits of observational studies

1 6/14/2018

Headlines raise alarm over prescription drug depression risk. But who qualifies as depressed?

2 6/13/2018

Can’t say we didn’t warn you: Study finds popular health news stories overstate the evidence


Clickbait PR on seafood and pregnancy reels in reporters, but leaves readers high and dry

4 5/22/2018

BMJ’s scrambled message on eggs and heart disease: a recipe for rotten news coverage

4 4/9/2018

Food for mood: A Wall Street Journal article makes bold claims with little evidence


Daytime sleepiness and Alzheimer’s risk: What you need to know


The DASH diet fights depression? Superficial stories rehash news release on unpublished study

2 2/21/2018

Drinking alcohol key to living past 90? What you need to know


‘Ultra-processed’ foods and cancer: Headlines show the right way, and the wrong way, to frame study results

2 2/6/2018

Toilet Bowl Tuesday: A craptastic race to the bottom for misleading health news