Category: The words matter

2 2/7/2017

It’s time for journalists to stop using the word ‘controversial’ to describe medical science

1 1/12/2017

‘Amazing breakthrough … one step closer to a cure:’ Lessons from CAR-T coverage

2 1/3/2017

Worse quality of life for many despite ‘miracle’ TAVR heart procedure

2 9/30/2016

Why the WHO celebration on measles could backfire on public health

6 9/27/2016

How to write about addiction without promoting stigma and bias: 4 tips for journalists

5 9/8/2016

Cancer Miracle Mongering by City of Hope

5 8/2/2016

If you are “brain dead” you cannot also be “kept alive on life support.” An important nuance and the news media’s failure in emotionally-charged  “brain death” stories

3 5/23/2016

Inside the Sausage Factory of Drug Approval: Nuplazid (pimavanserin) coverage didn’t inspect closely enough

5 5/17/2016

Why “exercise lowers cancer risk” headlines mislead readers

16 5/13/2016

CBS proclaims ‘cancer breakthrough’ – doesn’t explain what FDA means by that term