Category: The words matter

16 5/13/2016

CBS proclaims ‘cancer breakthrough’ – doesn’t explain what FDA means by that term

1 5/11/2016

Swaddling and SIDS: Why scary headlines got it wrong

6 3/3/2016

“Medicare for All” vs. “Government Plan”: Nuance matters in coverage of health policy choices

2 2/19/2016

MIT’s misleading PR headline on autism


Fiber and breast cancer risk: holes in Harvard news release set stage for misleading news coverage

9 12/16/2015

Opdivo ads vs. the reality of stage IV cancer treatment

3 10/22/2015

Is 1 in 7 Odds a Breakthrough? Is it Even Promising?

2 9/22/2015

What do “breakthrough” and “promising” mean to people?